The Worst Jerk on Mother Earth

Clanricarde Gardens, London. 16th November 2017. 2021hrs.

I have never met anyone as selfish as he is. Super selfish beyond word, beyond human comprehension.

I never understood what made me love him to begin with. I never understood why I even fell for him.

I’m typing with so much anger right now that I feel like smacking his face. Not only he is rude and ill mannered, he’s short, fat and ugly. God can be so mean sometimes that this jerk has all bad qualities in life.

I pity his mother. Whatever sins she may have committed.


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from the unfamiliar smiles

to the trace of my back spine

of the laughter shared,

Of the words exchanged.


brought about sadness unto people

Yet a whole new meaning to another

brought about sadness unto people

yet a piece of excitement to another


is saught by many

but does many know of it?

for you it is novelty

to me it was the memory

lasted for 10months

but will remembered for years





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Have you ever fallen for someone who you know you can’t have?

that bitch. How can you fall for someone you have never even dated for real? Like how dumb could you be to actually fall for small talks? Like seriously?

yea dead serious. All he ever did was nothing. NOTHING. Yet I fell or still fall head over heels. How did I know I was falling for him? It’s simple, all you think about was him. How you finally understood what sense is. That’s how it is. Well not really, duh! I don’t know, I can’t seem to forget him. His smiles, his laughs, his words, like word by word. I could recall all the conversations we had. I looked at his number once and I remember it by heart now. Each and every single time a message blips ‘his ringtone’ – yeeh you basically like him just way too much if you have a custom ringtone for his call and his text, cause you just had to do that, even his ringtone made me happy.

You start observing people around you and compare them to him. I’m at the airport right now and I saw a guy who sat with his legs crossed, I looked at him for a good 10seconds and I saw him instead.

I saw a guy holding a book, even that reminded me of him. Do you have any explanation for that? If that’s not falling for someone then what is?

its stupid I know, it’s very childish I know. But the pain of liking someone who doesn’t like you back is real. Is fucking real. Not sure if it’s just the pang of rejection or pure heart broken.

Its just fuck up really.

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The journey that is yet to start which I call my own

I thought long and hard, to whether or not share this with the public eyes, the hearts that will judge, of becoming a slave to prejudicial opinions, but who cares? I knew somehow I am not alone in this journey. The feeling that I’m feeling right now, probably millions out there are feeling the same, the lost, the constant nagging from deep within, the hunger of the soul, wanting more but have no clue of the wants.

I thought about getting helps, but then i realize, this is my journey, I will be the one to chart it, and I will be the one to resolve it. I hope along the way, by sharing every of the steps I take, someone might be able to take a piece of this with them, and they’ll know what to do next.

I hope I can do better from today.

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Garage Super Sale!!!


Happening this weekend, 17 & 18 November!

See you there peeps!

Location: No 1, Jln Kencana 28, Taman Kencana Ampang

Available items: Women clothing, kids clothing, kids essentials, lotsmore..

Available brands: Guess/Zara/Topshop/Gap/Oshkosh Bgosh/ Graco lotsmore..

Check us out HERE!!

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The Born of Modern Songket By Od

Alhamdulillah syukur kepada Illahi atas rezeki yang melimpah ruah. I feel so blessed, contented with everything that is going on and happening around me. Satu per satu pintu rezeki yang Tuhan buka pada hamba mereka yang berkerja keras. Despite of the hardwork, the obstacles that I had to go through, the success might not have been mine if its not for your berkat and doa, Mom & Dad. 🙂 *terharu*

Another avenue for me to venture on, yet another exciting journey, I’m so proud with the launch of Modern Songket by Od. It’s not a grand kind of opening, it’s a decision I made after round and round of discussion to carry on with this plan.

So here goes to another exciting year ahead, Modern Songket by Od. Do visit this page at Facebook ya people. It really is at merangkak start, but all is good so far! 🙂

And again, I might not able to start with this business if it’s not for Premium Beautiful Business too.

As I say, Premium Beautiful Business is an avenue to take you to another starting point. You decide whether or not you want to do it.

Soft Fuschia Pink Modern Songket – RM300 inclusive of postage fee

This Songket also includes 2 metres of Thai Silk for top. Suitable for baju kebaya and also kurung modern. A very soft silk texture that you do not need a lining to go with. 🙂

Dont forget to drop by Modern Songket by Od in Facebook!

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LEGOLAND, Malaysia

I am a very proud Malaysian. Out of 260 countries in this world, Malaysia is one of the 7 countries to open LEGOLAND Parks! You know how huge is that? That makes Malaysia the 2nd Asian country to have a LEGOLAND and the 1st in South East Asia. Now if Mat Saleh were to ask me where I’m from, I will definitely answer it this way ‘I’m from Malaysia, you know the recent country to open LEGOLAND. You know LEGOLAND?’ *bat eyelash* 

Wait wait, that’s not the best part yet, the best part is; LEGOLAND is open at none other than my awesomeness hometown; the land of Johore! *proud moment* So off we went to LEGOLAND~

As you can see from the map, LEGOLAND, Malaysia has 7 theme park attractions. If you are wondering what activities are there in LEGOLAND, you’ll be amazed with the massive activities and adventures they have to offer! You have 40 rides to start with!

Still remember the LEGO gate we used to build? It looks exactly like the ones we remembered!

LEGOLAND is also a child-friendly area. Everything was built carefully to fit children environment. From the rides to the parks itself, it is built child proof. It’s a good place to spend some quality time with children and family!

A LEGO model of cruise ship at the MINILAND

LEGOLAND, Malaysia opens almost every single day from 10am to 6pm, depending on school holidays, and weekends. They have extension operation hours during these holidays from 10am to 8pm. The ticket price ranging from RM140 to RM275 for adults and RM110 to RM210 for children & senior citizen.

To get here, you can either drive or use bus services

Details are fully spelled out in their website,

You may purchase/book the ticket online and enjoy the online promotion price! Check the website to get the promotion price!

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